December 1st, 2023

Steve Jurvetson - Flickr: Bezos’ Iconic Laugh, CC 表示 2.0,による

Jeff Bezos’ Fund Gives Almost $640 Million to Homeless


  1. Do you find it surprising that Bezos plans to give away most of his wealth?
  2. If you were a billionaire, what causes or charities would you support?
  3. Are there any business people in your country known for their philanthropy?
  4. How have housing prices changed where you live over the past decade?
  5. Is homelessness a major issue in your country?
  6. Have you ever taken part in a fundraiser or donated to charity?
  7. Who are the most inspiring people you know?
  8. Think of giving not as a duty, but as a privilege. — John D. Rockefeller Jr. What do you make of this statement?