October 28th, 2022


Warm-up Question
What’s your favorite saying and why?

Japanese ‘grandpa’ artist becomes surprise YouTube hit with watercolor classes

Discussion Questions

  1. Were you familiar with Mr. Shibasaki before reading this article? If so, how did you find out about him? If not, what do you think about him now that you have been introduced to his work?
  2. Please look up Mr. Shibasaki’s YouTube channel (Watercolor by Shibasaki) and watch one or two of his videos. What is your impression of him? Of his art? 
  3. Do you find it surprising that Mr. Shibasaki gained such a large audience on YouTube in such a short time? Why do you think he became so popular?
  4. Some people compare Mr. Shibasaki and his soft, kind character to the famous American painter Bob Ross. Are you familiar with Bob Ross? If so, how would you compare the two? 
  5. What do you think of Mr. Shibasaki starting a You Tube channel at the age of 70?
  6. Would you be brave enough to start something new in the later part of your life like Shibasaki did? If you were to take a leap of faith and start something new now, what would you want to do?